why i’m a winner…

November 3rd, 2009

Because Chris from Canada will pick me as the winner to the contest on his blog.  What contest?  The one where he’s giving away a copy of Paul Baloche’s new cd “Glorious.”  I have been a fan of Baloche’s music since I was in college.  He has written some classics that will probably never fade.  His music is a lot of the reason why I write worship anthems now.  They are simple yet profoundly true and can easily be used in corporate worship.  When I was in Western Nebraska I traveled to Colorado Springs to an Integrity worship conference and Baloche lead one night.  He was amazing.

I am excited tow in Chris from Canada’s contest.  I know he’s excited at declaring me the winner..and if not it was worth a shot.  There are 5 blogs total giving Baloche’s new cd away this week.  They are below;

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