journey to 100: 11.7

November 7th, 2009

This week went by so fast.  I made some HORRIBLE food choices this week.  Last Saturday was my “high calorie day” – a cheat day – where I can eat whatever I want.  Well my cheat day turned into 3 days.  It was not good.  Last weekend I had:

  • Saturday – 3 taco meal from Taco John’s and a LARGE Dr. Pepper.  I had pizza that night.
  • Sunday - I went out for Mexican and did ok.  I got the burrito meal with a tostada.  Then Bible study came and I failed big time.  I had 4 rice crispy bars with chocolate on them.  I had chips and bean dip and I also drank 2 Dr. Peppers.
  • Monday Night Football – I had a HUGE plate of tater tots.  I had some chips and 3 bags of fruits snacks and about 5 glasses of lemonade.

So my cheat day lasted 3 days where I consumed over 3500 calories each day no doubt.  So this week was rough on me.  Then yesterday on my way home I got sick to my stomach and had to pull off the road and go out behind my van to – well – you know.  I had great workouts though.  I bumped my elliptical time up to 60 minutes over the past 3 or 4 days and that has been kicking my tail but going so good.  My weights have gone up quite a bit this week too.  So it was an ok week overall – made some poor eating choices but my workouts went really well.

So here it is.  The weights for this week:

Last week: 338
This week: 331
Total: 37 in 6 weeks

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